"I have had the great pleasure of working with Robin Stephens on several cases.  In one of them, Robin performed research on a very complex issue.  At the time, she was a law student.  During our discussions, she questioned the settled law in the area, which every circuit court addressing the issue had accepted.  I shared Robin's concerns, and she performed additional research.  As a result, we learned that one of the first courts to examine the issue had misread dicta in a Supreme Court opinion, and the other circuit courts had followed suit, creating precedent of questionable validity.  I was extremely impressed that Robin, as a law student, had the confidence to analyze the issue correctly, notwithstanding the consistent body of law at odds with her analysis."

Michael Breeskin


Arc of Denver, Inc.



"Robin has done several projects for our firm.  Her work is excellent. She excels at research and writing, and I highly recommend her."


Tim Fox

Fox and Robertson, P.C.



"Robin Stephens has worked with CCDC in a number of capacities, and all of her work has been excellent.  As a law student and intern, Robin performed work on par with or beyond that of many practicing attorneys. We look forward to working with Robin now in her capacity as a lawyer.  Robin's experience as a disability rights advocate makes her uniquely qualified to address the legal needs of the  disability community.  She is a welcome addition to the disability rights legal community in Colorado."


Kevin W. Williams

Legal Program Director, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

303-839-1775 Voice

303-839-0015 TTY


"I have come to rely on Robin for legal and programmatic advice on Olmstead-related issues in my work seeking community-based alternatives to nursing home placement for people with disabilities.  Robin's national perspective and her excellent analytic skills and creative problem-solving ability have been invaluable in the effort to remove barriers to independent living in D.C."


Marjorie Rifkin

University Legal Services -- P&A


"I have enjoyed working with Robin.  When she answers questions, she will often see things in their context and include the answer to the questions that should have been asked as well"


Henry Feldman

Attorney at Law



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